The Purpose of “Musings”

What is a “musing”?  This word comes from the root “muse” which means to ponder, to think, or meditate in silence. It can also mean a person muses, or helps others to muse.  A “musing” is the result, or the fruit of this activity.   This is what I hope to share in my posts on this blog – my thoughts and ponderings.

My musings come from the perspective of a follower.  Whether we like to admit it or not, we all follow something or someone, and whatever (or whoever) we follow inevitably affects our perspective.  My musings come as I try to follow the Lord Jesus in the 21st century.  I have followed Him, albeit imperfectly, for 40+ years now and have never regretted a minute of it.  Following Jesus is not drudgery, nor is it boring, or something that I do when not occupied with anything else.  It has been, and is, the prime focus of my life.  By nature, I avoid adventure.  I like comfort and security.  I am naturally ”risk-averse” and shy away from challenges.  But following Him has filled my life with adventures.  A life of pursuing Him is a life that is continually leaving its comfort zones and stepping into new exploits.

We do not hear much about musing these days.   Our lives are too often busy pursuing “a-musements” – activities that distract us from seriously pondering or deeply thinking on our life’s direction, it’s meaning, and the legacy it will leave.  This is not to say our life should be devoid of amusements.   I enjoy an reading an “escape” book, birthday parties, a football game, or good time with family –  just like anyone else.   However, my problems start when I make these things the end, or the goal of my life.   My journey following Him ends when I make these pools of refreshment  my destination instead of just stopping points.  My pilgrimage ends when my tent becomes a house.

So, I hope you join me as I share some of these musings with you in the coming years.  It is my prayer that the musings that have come from the things, peoples, and events that have been blessings to me will become blessings for you as well.

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