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What Happened at the Tomb?

In this post, as part of the “What Happened at” series, I want to take a brief look at what happened during the three days the body of Jesus was in the tomb. A lot of attention was given to Jesus’ burial in the… Continue Reading “What Happened at the Tomb?”

The Mechanics of Wonder

In my last post, I wrote about the power of wonder.  But how do we keep the wonder alive?  If it has departed, what can we do to bring it back?  What is the cure for the “fat heart” that I mentioned in my… Continue Reading “The Mechanics of Wonder”

The Power of Wonder

Several years ago I had the privilege of teaching fifth grade science in a small private school.  I loved teaching that class because the students still had what I called the “Wow Factor”.  They were developed enough to understand some rudimentary science, but still… Continue Reading “The Power of Wonder”

The Purpose of “Musings”

What is a “musing”?  This word comes from the root “muse” which means to ponder, to think, or meditate in silence. It can also mean a person muses, or helps others to muse.  A “musing” is the result, or the fruit of this activity. … Continue Reading “The Purpose of “Musings””