I started my journey following Christ when I was in my twenties (I am now in my sixties). It has been an adventure – and I am not and adventurous person!  It all started when I heard and believed the Gospel. It continued as I made a commitment, after graduating college, to follow Him wherever He led, even though it meant parting ways with my fiancé at the time.  It grew as I attended a Bible Institute in Pennsylvania for three years.  It was a “faith school,” which meant it did not charge any room, board, or tuition. I really learned a lot about both faith and works (mopping floors, gutting chickens, etc.) there! Best of all, after graduating, I married a beautiful classmate and we travelled to the Philippines as missionaries a few months after that.

During our twenty years among those amazing people we had five children, helped another missionary start a three-year on-campus Bible Institute, assisted on a couple church plants, and worked with very dedicated national pastors and their families in preaching the gospel there.  I administrated and taught at the school we started while Wendi, my wife home-schooled our growing brood (she also taught a course at the Bible Institute). Besides the joy of seeing our work in northern Luzon become established and grow, God brought us through many earthquakes and typhoons, a few floods, a “People’s Power” revolution, a few rounds of dengue fever, a bus hijacking, and a half hour on the wrong end of the guns of a group of about 40 Communist guerillas (we left them smiling, though!)

After returning home permanently, I became principal of a K-12 Christian school for five years, and eventually pastored the church to which it was connected for four more years. After the kids grew up, Wendi and I moved to Texas (a dream we had for a long time) and loved our life there – it was like a three-year honeymoon!

The honeymoon ended abruptly when I came home to find that my beloved Wendi had suddenly passed into eternity and I was now in a place I never thought I would be – a widower.  I since have moved back up north, closer to the children and grandchildren (latest count – 10, soon to be 11) and have started to pursue, more seriously, a passion I have had since a child – to write.

Looking back, it has been a blessing – from the Philippines, to New York, to Texas, and back to New York – to have worked side by side with some of the greatest people on the planet.  You would not recognize their names, but God knows them, and that is all that matters. Looking forward, I can’t wait to see what He’s planned next!

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