I Voted!

I voted this week.  I did not vote out of fear, nor did I vote our of a sense of duty (although it is our duty to vote).  For the very first time in my life, I voted joyfully.

            I voted joyfully for Trump.

            Let me describe my evolution to “deplorable.” I wasn’t always a joyful Trump voter. In fact, four years ago, I voted for him “holding my nose.” I voted more against Clinton than for Trump. Of the 17 Republicans who ran for the nomination in 2016, Donald Trump was at the bottom of my list…. maybe even below the bottom.  I did not know much about him, but had always seen him as a playboy, somewhat spoiled, and lacking a moral compass. I was a loyal supporter of Ted Cruz and was really disappointed when he dropped out before the convention. 

            After Trump won the nomination, I knew I needed to support him, albeit grudgingly. Even after he won I was a little shy to admit it.  I was very encouraged by his choice of Mike Pence as a running mate.  I admired Pence’s faith, his morality, and stance on social issues.  His even temperament was also a good balance to Trump’s bombast. The fact that he was willing to run with Trump started to change my opinion of Trump as a person.  

            Then I began to see the new President set his administration toward fulfilling the many, what seemed to be grandiose, promises he made.  There were a lot of foibles in getting started – people entering and exiting the administration – in what seemed to be a giant episode of “The Apprentice,” but the new President began to gain traction and implement his agenda.

            And what an agenda it has been!  Getting control of the borders, exiting the Iran deal, standing strongly and effectively for life, prison reform, “Opportunity Zones,” a strong stand for religious freedom both here and abroad, exiting the Paris climate accords, a stronger stance against China, ISIS, and Russia, renegotiating NAFTA to USMCA, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, a new and very successful approach to Middle East peace, record unemployment numbers for everyone, his handling of the Wuhan virus. . . . and the list goes on and on. The other day, a Democrat asked me to give three reasons why I voted for Trump.  After about the fourth or fifth reason he changed the subject!

            What really has impressed me more than all these is his willingness to fight for what is best for the country.  He has been a major disrupter of the status quo.  I have lived through the administrations of 12 other presidents and have never seen the opposition that this man has had to put up with, even from his own party!  Although I have shuddered at some of his tweets and nicknames, I rejoice on how he has been able to defend his presidency, expose the Washington swamp, and push forward with so many accomplishments – all at the same time! 

I am not a Republican anymore.  I changed to the Conservative Party in 2018 because I was tired of their games. I may return to the fold someday because one of the biggest accomplishments of the Trump administration is the way he is changing the culture of the GOP. They are not hiding or going along to get along so much anymore. They are not afraid of the names they are being called.  Trump’s fighting spirit has emboldened some of the old guard to fight with him and has inspired new warriors to step up and join the fight.  

One political pundit once said the name “Conservative” is a misnomer.  Conservatives are the REAL revolutionaries – pushing against the overwhelming, all-encompassing tide of the left in our culture. The cancel culture and the “mob” – are actually reactionaries, not revolutionaries, lashing out in fear of losing the control they have been gaining over the decades. 

President Trump knows this and is the “point of the spear” in the fight. That is why I voted joyfully for him. I hope you do too.  

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